About Us

Antique Power is the world’s largest antique tractor magazine. Loaded with color photos, Antique Power covers all makes and models of gasoline and diesel farm tractors, from the very first tractors to the power giants of the 1970s. Every issue contains informative tractor history as well as heartwarming personal stories of family tractors and remembrances of days gone by.

Our circulation of more than 51,000 makes Antique Power the most widely read publication of its kind in the world. Subscribe now, and never miss another issue!

Antique Power Magazine Staff

Editor • Patrick Ertel

Managing Editor • Erin McCarty

Contributing Editor • Ray E. Hoffman

West Coast Editor • Candace Brown

Technical Editor • Ted Kalvitis

Executive Vice President • Vicki Ertel

Vice President of Editorial Brad Bowling

Vice President of Production • Jeremy Cundiff

Design Team • Michael Adkins, Jaime Ferguson

Bookkeeper • Julie Minch

Retail Manager/Classifieds • Jamie Lee Hamilton

Business Manager • Erin Kostrzewa

Advertising Sales Manager • Adam Bowling

Copy Editor • Mary Pacinda

Proofreader • Peggy Shank

Subscription Agent-Australia • Greg McNiece