Classified Ads for Non-Subscribers

The typical Classified ad for Antique Power is 30 words, but you may use more or fewer. Each word costs $.50.

A word, in this case, is any combination of letters or numbers separated by a space.

Example of 24-word Classified advertisement

Example of 24-word Classified advertisement

In the 24-word ad above, “hardwood” counts as 1 word, even though it breaks to another line, and the state indicator of “IA” is not counted. We’ve placed one red dot after each word for purposes of illustration.

Items must be for pre-1970 tractors and farm machinery or toys, parts, and literature related to them.

What if I want to include a photograph?

To include a black-and-white photo with a Classified ad, add $30 for a photo 1 inch high and $40 for a photo 1.5 inches high. For color, the rate is $48 for a 1-inch photo and $63 for a 1.5-inch photo.

What if I want my Classified ad to really stand out?

There is a Deluxe Classified option that allows bold lettering and yellow highlighting for $.70 a word, but it cannot be combined with a free subscriber ad.

Example of Deluxe Classified option

Example of Deluxe Classified option

Classified ads may be submitted by:

  • regular mail (with check, money order, or credit card payment)

  • email (with credit card payment)

  • fax (with credit card payment)

  • No Classified ads will be taken by phone.

Send ads and payment to:

Antique Power Classified Ad Dept.
c/o Ertel Publishing
PO Box 838
Yellow Springs, OH 45387
937-767-1433 phone
937-767-2726 fax

We reserve the right to alter ads for style.

Requirements for Submitting Classified Ads

  • Place “For Sale” and “Wanted” ads on separate sheets of paper.

  • Please separate ad submissions from other correspondence.