Six Tractor Enthusiast Gift Ideas, Starting at $5

Your Christmas shopping just became much quicker and easier, thanks to Antique Power magazine and the Ertel Publishing Gift Shop. Whether you are a newbie to the world of antique tractors, a veteran collector, or a friend or family member who wants the perfect gift for a tractor, truck, or fire truck enthusiast, the Ertel Gift Shop can help you plow through those chores without a hitch—three-point or otherwise. This information is good any time of year, but you will need to order by December 17, 2015, to be sure of delivery before Christmas.

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Gift Idea #1: Gift Subscriptions

Mar/Apr 2014 Vol. 26, No. 3

Mar/Apr 2014 Vol. 26, No. 3

One of the best aspects of being a newbie in this hobby is the fun of looking at, and learning about, the wide variety of tractors featured in each issue of Antique Power. If you just discovered this website, but are not yet subscribing, that is the best place to start. Whether a treat for yourself or someone who has enjoyed this hobby for years, a gift subscription will bring plenty of good reading and great photos six times a year. Think of it as a tractor show on paper, with plenty of information packed between those pretty pictures. Click here to read about all the benefits of subscribing, including a free classified ad in every issue, bonuses such as our free annual Show Guide, and a special offer for new subscribers.

If you or your gift recipient loves trucks or fire trucks as much as tractors, consider subscriptions to Vintage Truck and Vintage Fire Truck & Equipment, too.

Gift Idea #2: Tractor Books

Choose from general topics, such as restoration, or books focused on a particular make of tractor. Out of a total of 39 excellent choices, we also offer four cookbooks in which vintage-style illustrations give as much pleasure as the recipes. Prices within this broad selection suit every budget, ranging from $10 to $75, and include everything from how-to manuals to gorgeous coffee table treasures.

We have plenty of books for truck lovers, too.

Gift Idea #3: Official Antique Power (and other) Apparel

Here are some sure-to-please gifts. Hats and T-shirts come in a variety of great designs (representing all our magazines), colors, sizes, and prices. In addition to our classic red Antique Power T-shirts with black printing, we also have a new design with a blue background and yellow printing. Save money by purchasing a hat and shirt together for an even nicer gift. Speaking of saving money, imagine buying a handy Antique Power or Vintage Truck travel mug for only $5 each!

Gift Idea #4: Collectibles

A beautifully crafted and detailed 1/16-scale model of a 1942 John Deere LA could bring out the kid in anyone, even though this “toy” is meant for owners 14 and over. Although it is our only tractor model at this time, we have plenty of great-looking truck models to choose from, as well, including a brand-new, bright red, 1960 Ford Ranchero model, a vehicle for a fire chief.

Gift Idea #5: Jewelry

Every time I proudly wear one of my tractor or truck necklaces, featuring a fascinating little metal charm with a pearl accent, I receive compliments. Some lady or girl in your life will love hers, too. In addition to these miniatures, there are two other jewelry designs available.

May/Jun 2002 Vol. 14, No. 4

May/Jun 2002 Vol. 14, No. 4

Gift Idea #6: Back Issues

Do you, or someone you are buying for, have a special interest in a certain make and model of tractor? If so, you can do a search through the “Back Issues” link above and most likely find an issue with an article about the focus of your interest in this huge selection, which represents many years.

With a total of approximately 150 different back issues available in the combined collection from Antique Power, Vintage Truck, and Vintage Fire Truck & Equipment, more than 80 are back issues of Antique Power. Most back issues cost only $5 each, with a rarer ones priced higher. Buy a single or several, to create a customized gift that will bring many hours of reading enjoyment. A back issue rolled up and tied with a ribbon would make a perfect stocking stuffer. (Right, Santa?)

Best idea of all: Share this link to the Ertel Gift Shop with those who want to buy gifts for YOU.

If a loved one complains that he or she does not know what to buy for you, just send them the link above with a few hints. Everyone wins.

Have a wonderful season filled with joy, family and friends, good food, and peaceful nights, with visions of tractors dancing in your head. (Or should that be “plowing?”) Before you know it, the spring tractor shows will be back. For now, fulfill your fantasies in the pages of Antique Power. 

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