January/February 2019 Antique Power

The January/February 2019 issue of Antique Power magazine will be available in subscriber mailboxes and on newsstands soon. Our latest cover tractor is a 1951 Minneapolis-Moline BF owned by Greg Jansen of Effingham, Illinois. Greg Jansen comes from a family of tractor collectors helping to keep history alive.

Prairie Gold from Louisville

Greg Jansen’s 1951 Minneapolis-Moline Model BF holds a special place in his collection because its restoration was a family endeavor.

by Candace Brown, photos by Al Rogers

Antique tractors are such a part of family life for Greg Jansen of Effingham, Illinois, that he cannot remember his existence without them. His 1951 Minneapolis-Moline Co. Model BF has been around since his boyhood, but it has a lot of competition for attention. The tractors in his own collection, plus those of his father Karl and his uncle, Kent Jansen, add up to at least 100. They represent a wide variety of makes.



The story of Greg Jansen’s tractor involves the 1951 merger of two major equipment manufacturers, B.F. Avery & Sons Co., a world-renowned plow builder based in Louisville, Kentucky, and the Minneapolis-Moline Co.

B.F. Avery’s first venture into building tractors was its Louisville Motor Plow, which was introduced in late 1914 and built until 1917. In 1939, B.F. Avery introduced its Tru-Draft line of light farm implements, which mated perfectly with the rubber-tired Cleveland Tractor Co. Model GG tractor, called the General.

Cleveland Tractor—best known for its Cletrac brand crawler—also built the Model GG General for other companies. It was sold by Montgomery Ward & Co. as the Twin Row. In the Midwest, the General was sold as the Co-Op Model B1. In Canada, it was marketed by Massey-Harris Co., also as the General GG.

To read more about the 1951 Minneapolis-Moline BF pick up a copy of the January/February 2019 issue of Antique Power magazine!

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  • Prairie Gold from Louisville - Greg Jansen’s 1951 Minneapolis-Moline Model BF holds a special place in his collection because its restoration was a family endeavor. (by Candace Brown, photos by Al Rogers)

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  • The “Indiana Mule” - Joe Hope brought a Bailor motor cultivator back to life after many years of neglect. (by Barbara Roby and Rick Mannen, photos by Patrick Ertel)

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  • Gallery: 1939 Allis-Chalmers WF (by Kevin and Diane Hill)

  • Letter from the Editor: Worn Out! (by Rick Mannen)

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  • Of Grease & Chaff: The $80 Head Bolt (by Ted Kalvitis)

  • Photos from the Attic: c1940 John Deere AR (by Ed Gurican)

  • Tech Tips: Rebuilding an ACDelco Diesel Fuel Lift Pump (by Ted Kalvitis, photos by Emily Erekaife)

  • Tractor Show: Readers show off their favorites

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