May/June 2019 Antique Power

The May/June 2019 issue of Antique Power magazine will be available in subscriber mailboxes and on newsstands soon. Our latest cover tractor is a 1971 Ford Model 9000 owned by Mike and Sandie Roller. It was photographed by Brad Bowling, and Candace Brown researched and wrote the article.

Mike and Sandie Roller have seven tractors at their home in northwestern Ohio, but their young grandchildren call one, “Papa’s big blue tractor.” The “blue” comes from its beautiful Ford Blue paint, set off with a white grille and fenders. The “big” is because it towers over the grandchildren. The 1971 Ford Motor Co. Model 9000 tractor measures 76 inches to the top of the hood. When introduced in September of 1969, it surpassed its predecessor, the Model 8000, as the largest tractor Ford had built up to that time.

“As a kid, I liked that body style, and we never had one that big,” Mike Roller said. “I guess that’s why I always wanted one, plus the size, the power, and the fact that you rarely see them.”

Production of this model at Ford’s Highland Park, Michigan, factory lasted from late 1969 to 1972. Except for a new grille, with horizontal bars instead of vertical, it looked almost identical to the 8000—on the outside. However, under the hood, the 9000 featured a turbocharged version of the 8000’s 401ci 6-cylinder diesel engine.

May/June 2019 Antique Power Cover

May/June 2019 Antique Power Cover

Nebraska Tractor Test No. 1027, conducted Oct. 21–30, 1969, rated the 9000’s engine at just over 131 horsepower, compared to the 8000’s 105-3/4 horsepower. After the tests, the 9000 was given a rating of 110-2/3 horsepower at the drawbar, which was nearly 20 horsepower more than the 8000.

As a result, Ford beefed up the powertrain and engine components and improved air filtration for the turbocharged engine. Since this turbocharged diesel produced more heat than the 8000, the 9000 needed a larger radiator and fan. Oil-cooled pistons helped protect the rings from damage caused by the higher temperatures.

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