Balancing Spring Planting 2017 with Upcoming Auctions

With farming season upon us, going to auctions and shows is a balancing act. My husband and I recently attended the Sublette (Illinois) Farm Toy and Antique Tractor Show, and it was probably the last hurrah before field work begins. In central Illinois, farmers have been working the ground, but no planting has occurred yet. The Sublette show gave us a chance to see some fun things like Jerry Shaw’s museum, which is a tribute to his father George B. Shaw’s trucking legacy. The museum is a rolling tribute that Jerry has housed in a semi-trailer. 

Jerry Shaw stands near his rolling tribute to his father. He brought this museum to the Sublette Farm Toy show.

Jerry Shaw stands near his rolling tribute to his father. He brought this museum to the Sublette Farm Toy show.

This year was the 35th show for the Sublette Farm Toy show. The show began back in 1983 with a small group of collectors. The show took off that very first year with a crowd of 600 visitors. While that seemed like a large crowd at the time, the average attendance today is 7,000. At this year’s show, one vendor had the Twin City 60-90 toy that Charlie Doty, who was a legend in the area, had made for sale. The toy sold in record time, and we were again amazed by the beauty of the model.

Charlie Doty (deceased) made this beautiful Twin City 60-90 toy.

Charlie Doty (deceased) made this beautiful Twin City 60-90 toy.

International Harvester was the selected brand, and at the Saturday night banquet, Max Armstrong, who owns his own Farmall tractor, was the featured speaker. Max’s tractor was on display along with a bevy of IH beauties.

At the close of the Sublette show, we headed back home thinking about upcoming auctions and shows that might be coming our way, but knowing that attendance would be a last-minute thing. At this point in time, it all depends on if the planter can be running. Each of us has things that we must balance whether it is work or family when planning outings. Find a few auctions that you want to attend so that if the schedule opens up, you will be ready to load up and go! 

Nixon Auctions—Flagstaff, Arizona

On May 12–14, 2017, at 9 a.m., Nixon Auctions is selling Don Meakin’s large collection of rare gas engines, tractors, and collectibles. The auctioneer note states, “Mr. Meakin is relocating and will be selling his property in the near future, so he is offering his exceptional collection of gas engines, tractors, and many rare collectibles at auction.”

One of the highlights is a beautiful 1927 Ford Model TT truck. His tractor collection contains various brands. Log onto Nixon's website for details about this outstanding collection.

A nice John Deere B is among the tractors for sale in the Don Meakin collection.

A nice John Deere B is among the tractors for sale in the Don Meakin collection.

The next one on our list is the last of four auctions for Harold Steele. This farmer, collector, World War II veteran, and former president of the Illinois Farm Bureau is selling his amazing collection, and the last auction will be in June.

Rick Rediger Auction Service—Wyanet, Illinois

Harold Steele’s collection has taken four auctions to complete. This last sale will feature antique farm implements and tools. The auction is being held at Rick Rediger Auction Service in “The Shed.” Located at 401 W. Main St., Wyanet, IL 61379, the auction will be held Saturday, June 10, 2017, at 9:30 a.m. Log onto Rediger's website for details.

Henslin Auctions, Inc. and Mid-America Auction Co.—St. Stephen, Minnesota

Being held on the same day as Harold Steele’s auction (June 10, 2017), Henslin Auctions in conjunction with the Mid-America Auction Co. is holding a sale of Mrs. Leo (Laure) Fuerstenberg’s collection of John Deere two-cylinders tractors, which the auctioneers say are mostly parade ready. The auction also includes collectible farm machinery, gas engines, collectible signs, a toy collection, and more. The auction will be at 303 11th Street SW, St. Stephen, MN 56375. Log onto Mid-America's website for pictures and more details.

Mecum Auctions—Horton Township, Ontario

Mecum Auctions’ Renfrew 2017 auction takes place July 14–15, 2017. The auction is located at 1766 Lochwinnoch Rd., Renfrew, ON K7V 3Z4. With 250-plus antique tractors, this auction should be worth the road trip. This is a consignment auction that will be broadcasted on RFD TV. Log onto Mecum's website for details.

These are just a few of the upcoming antique tractor auctions to consider. Balance work with fun, like auction adventures, as we rotate into the spring and summer months. If you hit a few auctions, maybe we will see you there!

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