November/December 2017 Antique Power

The November/December 2017 issue of Antique Power magazine will be available in subscriber mailboxes and on newsstands soon. To celebrate its 30th year of publication, Antique Power released its largest issue ever with 30 tractors on the cover. This issue is chock-full of beautiful tractors and nostalgic stories looking back on the magazine's history.

Antique Power at 30

The magazine commemorates its 30th year with 30 tractors in the Florida sunshine.

by Patrick Ertel

The Antique Power staff wanted to do something extra special for this, our first issue of our 30th year. Last fall, we gathered in our conference room to brainstorm ideas for creating a special issue. We wanted it to have more pages than any magazine that we had ever published, and we thought making a special cover would be a nice touch. I jokingly suggested that we line up 30 tractors in the shape of the number “30” and rent a helicopter to take a picture of them. It was such a crazy scheme that I did not think anyone would go for it, but the staff, bless them, thought it was a fantastic idea and suggested that I immediately start planning it.



While mulling over the many obstacles that made the idea seem incredibly difficult, maybe impossible, and certainly a heck of a lot of work, I was reminded of the story of Tom Sawyer painting the fence, which suggested the perfect solution—talk someone else into doing it. The only person that I could think of who was crazy enough to take on a project like this was my friend Bernie Scott in Florida. When I called Scott and told him my idea, he was immediately enthusiastic, “Sure! We can do that!” From then on, it was easy. I do not know what I had been so worried about.

There are always plenty of tractors at the Florida Flywheelers Antique Engine Club show held each February at Fort Meade, so we arranged to take the photo during that show. Scott gathered the resources of that great club and scouted out a large open spot at the showgrounds, where we could assemble the tractors to take the picture. I was amazed at how smoothly he was bringing things together.

I was looking forward to hanging out of a helicopter and taking the photos, but he decided a helicopter would be too expensive and too complicated. I had to admit that he was right. Getting 30 tractors lined up properly was going to be like herding kittens, while we would be paying $300 an hour for a helicopter to hover above. There was no way to know how long it would take and how expensive it would be.

To read more about the story of our cover photo, pick up a copy of the November/December 2017 of Antique Power magazine!

Other articles in this issue include:

  • Working Together - Some of Antique Power’s amazing writers reminisce about what brought them to the magazine.
  • Through the Years - As we celebrate Antique Power’s 30th anniversary, we look back at the magazine’s introduction in 1988 and look forward to the years to come. (by Rick Mannen)
  • Persistence Pays Off - Mark Felton’s 1964 Oliver Model 1650 was just waiting for him to come and drive it home. (by Karen O'Brien, photos by Al Rogers)
  • The Farmall Model BN - Jack Thompson saved a scarce 1947 Farmall Model BN that needed plenty of work to bring it back to life. (by Rick Mannen, photos by Paul Thompson)
  • 29 Years of Antique Power Covers - Antique Power staff members remember their favorite covers and why they picked them.
  • The Mighty Model 80 Diesel - Finding a 1955 John Deere 80 fulfilled a dream for Galen Bowser. (by Tyler Buchheit, photos by Brad Bowling)
  • Engineering in Action - Gerald Dunica’s 1954 Allis-Chalmers WD-45 was just down the road all along. (by Ray Hoffman)
  • Strength, Stamina, and Stability - Ken Christensen’s Fitch Model D tractor was among the pioneers of four-wheel drive. (by Candace Brown)
  • The British Invasion - Jimmy Deakins brought a taste of England to Tennessee. (by Rick Mannen, photos by Patrick Ertel)
  • Canada Connection: Eddy and Darren Rigaux's 1970 Versatile Model 118 is just one in a long line of Versatile tractors the family has owned. (by Rick Mannen)
  • Gallery: Corn planter (by Cheryl A. Corbin)
  • Letter from the Editor: Starting Out (by Rick Mannen)
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Of Grease & Chaff: Aftermarket or “After-Steve?” (by Ted Kalvitis)
  • Tech Tips: Unsticking an Overhead Valve (by Ted Kalvitis, photos by Emily Erekaife)
  • The Yankee's Attic: The Yankee—Keeping History Alive for Over 27 Years (by Ed Bezanson)

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