January/February 2018 Antique Power

The January/February 2018 issue of Antique Power magazine will be available in subscriber mailboxes and on newsstands soon. Our latest cover tractor is a 1950 Sheppard SD-3, which is owned by Dave Gerlach of New London, Wisconsin. This diesel tractor with its searing orange paint is a striking beauty.

Resurrecting a Pioneer Diesel

Dave Gerlach saw a lot of potential under a snow-covered pile of 1950 Sheppard Model SD-3 parts.

by Karen O'Brien, photos by Al Rogers

When Richard H. Sheppard started tinkering with diesel engines in 1933, he may not have envisioned using them in farm tractors. Having graduated from Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, the inquisitive Sheppard experimented with different configurations of diesel engines and was awarded several patents for fuel injection pumps. In 1937, he founded the R.H. Sheppard Co. and bought a manufacturing facility in Hanover, Pennsylvania. The company would go on to produce diesel engines, generator sets, steering systems, and farm tractors.

January/February 2018   ANTIQUE POWER

January/February 2018 ANTIQUE POWER

Sheppard’s first inclination toward farm tractors started in 1949 when the company offered kits to repower International Harvester Model M Farmalls with Sheppard 3-cylinder diesel engines. Sheppard soon introduced its own tractors, built as Models SD-1, SD-2, SD-3, and SD-4. The model numbers designated the number of cylinders. They were offered with wide or narrow front axles and in orchard and grove models.

Although innovative in the use of diesel fuel, the expensive, handcrafted Sheppard tractors were surpassed by the more economical, mass-produced offerings from other companies. Sheppard stopped making tractors in 1956, which makes them scarce today. The company produced 14 SD-1 tractors, 257 SD-2 tractors, 1,441 SD-3 tractors, and 231 SD-4 tractors, for a total production of just 1,943 units. R.H. Sheppard was purchased by Wabco Holdings Inc. in 2017 and continues to manufacture steering systems today.

Understanding the rarity of Sheppard tractors, one can imagine Dave Gerlach’s surprise in December 2006 when he read an ad for one in a Wisconsin paper.

“It was just by chance that I saw the ad,” he said. “It was 80 miles away, and I got my trailer and headed to upper Door County. It was sitting in a cow pasture and was in pieces—lots of pieces. What wasn’t rusted was broken, but it was a Sheppard. I dug up everything I could find and hauled it home in a snowstorm.”

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